Buddha Air operates with code ‘BHA’. It started its operation in 1997. (A short summary of Buddha Air)


  • 3 units of ATR 42-300 planes.
  • 11 units of ATR 72-500.
  • 2 units of Beechcraft 1900D.

Plane Info Table

Reg No./Call signModelPlane AgeOperation Date
9N-AJOATR 72-50025.2 Years
9N-AMYATR 72-50015.7 Years

Incidents History

2021, December 16
Plane: 9N-AEE, Model: Beechcraft
Flight 360, 9N-AEE which took off from Bharatpur to Kathmandu made an emergency landing at Bharatpur Airport when its left engine failed. Passengers and plane not harmed. >>>
 2011, September 25

Plane: 9N-AEK, Model: Beechcraft
Flight 103 crashed near the end of a sightseeing flight of the Mount Everest region. All 19 passengers and crew on board died when it crashed near Kathmandu’s airport while attempting to land. >>>


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